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Liberty Cap Mushrooms

Psilocybe Semilanceata (Liberty Caps) is a species of magic mushrooms with psychedelic effects,  They are commonly known as Liberty Cap mushrooms, and can be distinguished by their pointed, conical-shaped caps. They mainly grow in wetlands across warmer parts of the world.

Liberty caps have average psilocybin potency and can be consumed in different ways.

As mentioned earlier, liberty cap mushrooms have bell-like, conical-shaped caps. What’s more, the shape of the caps remains the same throughout the lifetime of the mushroom.

Psilocybe Semilanceata contains psilocybin and baeocystin psychoactive compounds. The psilocybin potency varies depending on the specific liberty cap mushroom, with an average concentration of 1% per the dried mushroom’s weight.

Liberty caps can however be consumed in various ways, including brewing in tea, chewing them raw, or incorporating them in other recipes. They have a bitter taste, and some prefer to add some lemon juice to them to make them more palatable.

Liberty caps are considered to be one of the “friendlier” magic mushrooms. Moreover, are considered ideal for beginners. Additionally, users have reported feeling happy, empathetic, and social after they consume liberty caps.

Generally, liberty caps cause mild hallucinations. On the other hand, some users reported experiencing negative effects after consuming liberty caps such as stomach aches, painful limbs, and heaviness in arms and limbs. When taken in large amounts, they may cause severe hallucinations and confusion.

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20 reviews for Liberty Cap Mushrooms
  1. jessie

    Such a fun fun high 🙂. Loved the packaging and arrival on time. thank you guys

  2. diko

    It lasted a long time. Very enjoyable came in waves.

  3. Amith

    These hit me much stronger than I was expecting from the description. I absolutely loved these and they were exactly what I needed. Strong visuals, lost sense of time, feelings of being in another dimension, along with deep, intuitive thoughts. Overall, these have been my favourite strand yet!

  4. jenny

    Rocked my socks off!

  5. jason

    Loved them so so so much was so enlightening and fun took me back to sneaking around the cow paster picking trying not to get caught by the old cranky farmer and giggling all the way

  6. conor

    Intense visuals. Highly enjoyable in nature. It was fun watching the mycelium running!

  7. joel

    Found these to be very potent (5g) when steeped in tea. This has been my favourite strain ever – much laughing and strong visuals.

  8. matheiu G

    Pretty good stuff. Had a handful at the bar and the neons were looking great

  9. mustapha

    3.5 g- very fun.

  10. charles

    This was my second time ordering this kind. They are still one of my favourites. The effects are very visual and my heart usually starts beating quite fast. These are great with friends, causing a good mixture of laughter and some connection and intuitive thinking. Alone, I was able to really connect deeply with myself. I highly recommend.

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